The Morning MooseLAZER 103.3 plays Everything That Rocks! Going strong since 1996, LAZER 103.3 plays a mix of today's best rock combined with top album rock that has withstood the test of time. LAZER has helped bring some of the biggest names in rock to Central Iowa in addition to putting on its own festival—LAZERFEST.

What You'll Hear:
Nirvana - Nickelback - Metallica
Led Zeppelin - Ozzy Osbourne - Stone Temple Pilots
Pearl Jam - AC/DC - Jimi Hendrix

On Air Lineup:
Mornings: The Morning Moose
Middays: Ryan Patrick
Afternoons: Andy Hall
Nights: Samantha Knight
Overnights: Suzi
Weekends: Suzi, Gunner, Sarah Greene, Derek, Peek

More about
LAZER 103.3:


Target Audience: Men 25-34
Adults 21–49

Brand Manager:
 Ryan Patrick

Music Director:
 Andy Hall

Promotions Director:
 Rob Lembke

Director of Sales:
 Pam Washington

Operations Manager:
 Scott Allen

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