For years, "LITE" has been our name, and described the type of music you'd expect to hear on 104.1 FM. But, music changed and listeners in Des Moines were asking for more upbeat music. And more recent music. So, here we are. More Upbeat Music, more music from today's artists. And we think you'll like how we put it all together: It didn't feel "LITE" anymore, so, we're changing our name to MORE 104, built around the idea that you deserve a little MORE. MORE upbeat music to get you through the day MORE commercial-free music, every day 9 til Noon. That's three hours each morning to star your workday. No one else does that! MORE variety with all time favorites along with today's most popular music .

What You'll Hear:
Pink - Michael Jackson - Kelly Clarkson
Katy Perry - Bon Jovi - Billy Joel
Bruno Mars- Madonna - Maroon 5

On Air Lineup:
Mornings: Tim White
Middays: Kate Garner
Afternoons: Scott Allen
Nights: Jay Wells
Weekends: Luke Matthews

More about
MORE 104:


Target Audience: Women 40-50

Brand Manager/ Operations Manager:
 Scott Allen

Promotions Director:
 Jay Wells

Production Director:
 Brian Whitaker

Director of Sales:
 Pam Washington

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